Here's When Daemon's Wife Will Appear in 'House of the Dragon'

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In case you missed it: yes, the rogue prince also has an actual, legitimate wife.

If you were excited to finally see who Daemon Targaryen is married to, your wait is almost over.

Rhea Royce, Daemon's first wife, is set to make her first appearance in 'House of the Dragon' this Sunday, when the fifth episode premieres on HBO Max. And it looks like a couple of official stills that provided the first look at the character have already secured Rhea an impressive fanbase.

After seeing her for the first time, fans immediately wondered why would Daemon hate his wife so much. Rhea seemed like a beautiful and nice character at a first glance – even though we all know very well that a first impression is not something one should trust when it comes to the 'Game of Thrones' universe.

While many fans suspect that Daemon simply hates her for not being Rhaenyra, there are other suggestions as well. "Daemon doesn’t like her because she sees right through him, and he can’t manipulate her," Twitter user ToastBloss suggested.

Some fans have already come up with a scenario that would leave everyone content and happy, but you remember what show we are talking about, don't you?

"Daemyra would have been free to marry if Viserys had allowed them to divorce. Then Daemon-Viserys would have a better relationship. Rhaenyra could be with the person she really wanted and cared for. And Rhea could be free. She could start living a better life." – @KvrckSue

According to George R.R. Martin books, Daemon and Rhea were married by Daemon's grandmother, Alysanne Targaryen. The marriage was a rich and smart match, but Daemon quickly started disliking his wife and everything about her. He came up with a derogatory alias for her, "bronze b**ch". Needless to say, Rhea also did not have much love for Daemon, and the two quickly became estranged.

Just how their relationship will develop in the TV series, we are yet to see.

Streaming on HBO Max, 'House of the Dragon' returns with a new episode this Sunday.

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