Here's Who Olivia Colman Plays in MCU's 'Secret Invasion'

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If you believed she will be Union Jack, you might be surprised.

After weeks of rumors, Olivia Colman's role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally been confirmed – and no, she will not play Union Jack, at least not officially yet.

Instead, the iconic actress is going to reprise the role of Special Agent Sonya Falsworth in 'Secret Invasion', Disney confirmed via an official still from the movie. Here's what we know about the character.

It has already been noticed that Colman's character shares a surname with James Montgomery Falsworth – one of the Howling Commandos we have seen in 'Captain America: The First Avenger'.

Howling Commandos was an elite combat unit led by Captain America in World War II. In 'The First Avenger', James Montgomery Falsworth was portrayed by JJ Feild, but was killed in 1945. Among other prominent members of the squad were Bucky Barnes, Pinky Pinkerton, and Happy Sam Sawyer.

Judging by the first trailer for 'Secret Invasion', agent Falsworth is one of Nick Fury's trusted allies, who apparently doesn't shy away from tough methods sometimes as we see her with an intimidating syringe, approaching someone tied to a chair.

Her connection to Captain America might indicate that she might survive the Secret Invasion event and return for more MCU projects, even though this is yet to be officially confirmed – or seen in the series itself.

Despite the fact that Colman has not been confirmed as Union Jack, she might as well be related to him, as, according to the comics, Union Jack has had an important part in battling the Scrulls. According to fans, Union Jack could easily be Falsworth's son, as there were actually three Union Jacks.

No matter her role in the MCU, fans are happy to see Colman as part of the superhero universe, praising her casting as a "quality" addition to Marvel projects.

Marvel's 'Secret Invasion' premieres on Disney Plus in spring 2023.

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