Here's Who Will Play Falcon Instead of Anthony Mackie

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It's finally official.

With Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson moving on from his Falcon armor to become Captain America, it's been only natural for fans to wonder who is going to take his place.

One of the most popular fan theories suggested that Joaquin Torres from 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' is going to inherit the role. Well, it turns out fans were right, as Danny Ramirez, who portrayed Wilson's longtime fan, is now officially confirmed as the MCU's new Falcon.

"Their relationship is one of my favorite ones in this movie it really helps form the emotional core of how Sam has to define himself as Captain America, because he loves this guy," Julius Onah, the director for the fourth Captain America installment 'New World Order', told Screen Rant. "They are both soldiers, they're brothers, and their journey, I think, is going to be something that really resonates with audiences."

Ramirez himself told Screen Rant in a separate interview that he is "excited that we're going to be able to throw down… in this film". The first time his character laid eyes (and hands) on the Falcon armor was in 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' – something that many fans deemed to be a tease of his transition at the time.

However, now that things are official, it looks like many people are pretty skeptical about the character in general.

"Ik he's a character in the comics, but he seems pretty pointless. Sam Captain America is still has wings and the shield as a bonus, so another Falcon just seems redundant. But unlike the comics, I doubt Sam is going back to being regular Falcon so maybe it makes more sense." – @RepeatedAxeGam1

But there are fans who are ready to stand with the new heroes and defend them from hate they might receive as they replace the OG ones.

"I hope Marvel will do something to make these unpopular characters as memorable as Infinity Saga heroes like Ms Marvel, Kate Bishop, Ironheart etc. I wish they will be not hated or treated badly just because of they're replacing the OG ones!" – @katebishop2021

Falcon's role in 'Captain America: New World Order' remains a mystery as of now, and so do plot details. The movie is set to premiere on big screens on May 3, 2024. In 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier', Sam Wilson tells Torres to "keep 'em" when the latter reminds him that he forgot his wings. Just how the new Falcon will be introduced into the story outside of that tease remains to be known.

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