Here's Why DCEU Is No Match For MCU, According To Reddit

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These two superhero franchises are always competing at the box office, and it's been a long time since the DCEU was in the lead.

Despite equal success with Marvel in the comic book industry, good luck is not shining for the DCEU, which is once again in hot water as Ezra Miller's accusations derail the upcoming release of the studio's big blockbuster 'The Flash'. And other upcoming movies just aren't getting fans excited, because they wish to see Henry Cavill as Superman, not the Blue Beetle and Black Canary movies. So, what's wrong with the DCEU?

It's certainly not an easy question to answer, but it looks like the DCEU fans on Reddit decided to try to solve the problem after all. And it seems that the answer has been in plain sight all along – the DCEU lack a leader, someone who would develop the overall narrative and keep track of all the productions without interfering with them artistically.

"Warner Bros keep interfering in the production of movies. They need a specific person/team in charge to oversee the movies, much like how Kev Feige does for Marvel. That kind of continuity would help drastically, keeping storylines in line." – /Beeblebrox2nd.

The creative forces behind the productions can also be blamed for ruining the great prospects of the franchise, as some fans note that some of the directors were not even familiar with the characters they were filming.

"I feel like DC/WB doesn't quite know what to do with their supes. I thought Wonder Woman and Shazam were OK, and I liked The Batman and Gunn's Suicide Squad a lot. But that's it. They should let the people behind their animated stuff take a crack at the movies, because they get it, and the execs do not." – /ZeppoBro.

Other fans offer even more surprising ideas, arguing that Warner Bros. should never have started their movie franchise in the first place because they could not compete with Marvel Studios, which had perfected their movie formula much earlier.

"DC has always been more about characters, while Marvel is more about the spectacle. Marvel has good shows, but DC's always had the best shows, and it's because TV shows allow you more time for character development. I think if DC stuck with TV instead of trying to do movies, they'd have a huge boom just like they did in the 1990s with the DCAU." – /SAR2892.

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