Here's Why Eddie Was Playing Guitar in the Upside Down in 'Stranger Things' Season 4 Trailer

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Now it all makes sense!

Back at the time of 'Stranger Things' season 4 trailer release, there was a couple of confusing moments. One of them was Eddie rocking a guitar when seemingly in the Upside Down – because when you're busy fighting for your life in the underworld, why exactly would you be up for a jam?

However, Volume 1 appeared to have made things clear for fans. Now that we know that the only thing that can save someone from Vecna's curse is their favorite song, Eddie's little concert looks way more reasonable.

In the wake of Nancy being captured by Vecna as the gang was trying to escape the Upside Down and reunite with Dustin, Erika and Lucas, Eddie looks like Nancy's only chance: it's not like they grabbed a music player and some cassettes when they entered through the "Watergate".

But there is also a sad twist to it if you think about it. Eddie was the one who already made it out from the Upside Down when Nancy started to go into Vecna-induced trans. In the trailer, he was clearly seen rocking the strings in the Upside Down, so fans have already concluded that he might have to return and play until Nancy breaks free. This actually sparks the possibility of Eddie dying as he tried to save Nancy – although we really hope that everyone makes it out alive.

Volume 2 premieres on July 1, with two feature-movie-length episodes to conclude season 4 – most likely in a dramatic and heartbreaking way.

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