Here's Why Fans Don't Want Henry Cavill's Superman in 'Black Adam'

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Yes, there are people who are not that excited about the rumors.

With all the buzz around Superman possibly making an appearance in 'Black Adam' and people being confident it's going to involve Henry Cavill, there are fans who do not share the enthusiasm.

Don't get them wrong – they are no Henry Cavill haters, it's just that they cannot settle for a cameo instead of proper story development for their beloved character. Instead, they want Cavill's Superman to return in yet another proper solo movie.

According to these people, cameo is simply not enough for a character with such a stake in the DC universe. The only thing that would do him justice, they argue, is bringing Cavill back and giving him his own trilogy.

Some fans even get somewhat threatening when trying to reach out to Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam) and the studio behind the upcoming movie.

"If you're listening, you'll be telling your buddy Walter Hamada to ensure that sequels to Justice League get made, and then one day you can fight Henry Cavill's Superman as part of Snyderverse, not some weird non-canon side story." – @drewexmachina.

Earlier, The Rock reacted to those rallying for Superman to appear in the upcoming 'Black Adam' movie, noting that he has "learned to always listen to the audience because they will always lead you to where you need to go."

"I hear you & I always got you," Johnson tweeted, responding to a tweet demanding a Superman cameo.

Naturally, this prompted a new wave of rejoiced fans being confident that Cavill's Superman will make an appearance, even though this has not been officially confirmed. Other people continue to insist that Cavill needs to either return for a trilogy or not show up at all.

But both sides agree that the worst things in this situation would be the studio trying and settling for a compromise such as the infamous "headless" Superman cameo in 'Shazam!' or a cryptic shadowy figure somewhere in the distance.

'Black Adam' will hit screens on October 21 later in the year, telling the story of an anti-hero and archenemy of DC's Shazam.

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