Here's Why Jared Padalecki Is Not Going to Be Doctor's Companion Anytime Soon

Here's Why Jared Padalecki Is Not Going to Be Doctor's Companion Anytime Soon
Image credit: Legion-Media/The CW

Superwholock fans have been dreaming of a crossover for years, but we do not think we are going to get it anytime soon. Why not?

Simple but important space-time continuum reasons. The Supernatural universe would have a hard time fitting into the Doctor Who one – or rather, certain six-foot-four actors would. Get it?

We have substantial evidence to support our claims.

At Supernatural TorCon 2012, our beloved King-of-the-Crossroads-turned-King-of-Hell, aka Mark Sheppard, told a story about how he tried to put Jared Padalecki inside the TARDIS and failed miserably.

At one of the Comic Cons, Sheppard was walking around with his family and ran into some fans who were nice to him and not too clingy (well, who wouldn't be nice to Crowley himself?).

Then, somewhere in the halls, Mark stumbled upon Jared, who immediately drew attention to himself.

Fans started to recognize the Moose (to be honest, he is not exactly hard to spot) and come up to Sheppard, excitedly yelling in the actor's face something along the lines of "Oh my god! Is that..? Is that…?"

Good thing the King of Hell went soft and didn't mind!

Afterward, they got to the BBC America booths. When Jared saw the TARDIS, he wanted to go inside right away (can you blame him?).

The thing is, that TARDIS was filled with packing boxes, and Padalecki just couldn't fit in there. Sure, Jared, it was the boxes and nothing else!

There you have it, folks! No Jared as the Doctor's companion for us. Of course, the other thing that might pose an issue is the fact that the actor is American, and Doctor Who is not big on American companions for the Doctor.

There hasn't been a permanent one since the 1980s, when Peri Brown, an American college student, traveled with the Fifth and Sixth Doctors. Russell T. Davies, you know how to make the Superwholocked happy in Season 14!

Though we may not see Jared join the Doctor on his space-time adventures until they make the TARDIS bigger on the outside too, we may get to see other Supernatural stars on Doctor Who.

It is, after all, a small world. If Crowley got in there and infiltrated the FBI, who's to say Lucifer or Rowena can't?