Here's Why Jared Padalecki Would Watch 'Walker' With His Kids, But Not 'Supernatural'

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The actor enjoys Thursday family evenings in front of the TV with his loved ones.

Jared Padalecki said that he loves to watch 'Walker' with his kids – but back at the times of 'Supernatural' he was not able to sit down with his family like that.

Speaking with Michael Rosenbaum on the podcast 'Inside of You', Padalecki revealed why he would usher his kids to bed when 'Supernatural' aired instead of sitting down on the coach and watch the episode with them.

"I'm like cutting somebody's head off, or getting my head cut off, or something," Jared laughed. "It wasn't something you want to show the kids at like 8.30 p.m."

He makes sense, however: in 'Supernatural', there was rarely an episode where Dean and Sam would go without killing a demon, cutting a vampire's head, or setting some other monster on fire, which is not exactly a bedtime watching.

'Walker', meanwhile, fits more into the family-friendly category, with Texas Rangers having to deal more with relationship drama and detective peripetia than, you know, beheading monsters.

Padalecki is currently exec producing the prequel, 'Walker: Independence', with the upcoming series to revolve around Abby and Hoyt Rawlins in the Texas town of Independence. The prequel does not have a release date yet, but, according to Jared, it is worth waiting for, and he is immensely proud of the show.

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