Here's Why Jennifer Lawrence Is Not A Big Fan Of Method Acting

Here's Why Jennifer Lawrence Is Not A Big Fan Of Method Acting
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Let’s just say, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

The Method is probably one of the most discussed acting techniques outside of actual acting communities and classes.

Everyone knows what it means, not because they've been taught about it or are interested enough to try it themselves, but because the media is full of the craziest stories about celebrities getting into their characters this way.

From Jared Leto giving dead rats to his Suicide Squad castmates and hiding in the bathroom between Morbius takes to Christian Bale losing 62 pounds and sleeping two hours a night for his role in The Machinist, audiences are always shocked to learn the lengths actors are willing to go to perform at their best.

What's even more surprising is that not only viewers, people who don't really know anything about the filmmaking process, but also other actors themselves can be confused by the method.

It seems that not everyone in Hollywood is a big fan of taking the character so far into their personal lives, but it doesn't really affect their career or popularity.

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Jennifer Lawrence, for example, who is very well known to the public and recognized by critics and industry professionals, has always been open about switching on and off her characters without really merging into them.

Although she remained respectful of all kinds of acting, the method did not seem to impress her at all.

The actress shared her thoughts on the Hot Ones episode while munching on some hot sauce wings:

“I mean, I would be nervous to work with somebody who uses Method, because I would have no idea how to talk to them. Because, like, do I have to be in character? That would just make me nervous,” she said.

Although it doesn't seem like the actress has had the opportunity to work with someone who uses the method and see their process up close, you never know what might come next.

Maybe in a few years, we will all see Jennifer Lawrence embrace and live through one of her upcoming characters herself!

Until then, you can check out the actress' latest film, No Hard Feelings, exclusively at your local theater.

Source: Hot Ones