Here's Why Lea Michele Replacing Beanie Feldstein in 'Funny Girl' is a Big Deal

Here's Why Lea Michele Replacing Beanie Feldstein in 'Funny Girl' is a Big Deal
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And most importantly – how on Earth is this all connected to 'Glee'?

Yes, it is official: Lea Michele is going to replace Beanie Feldstein on 'Funny Girl' as Fanny Brice. Now why is it even important and why are all those 'Glee ' fans losing their mind?

We're here for you to explain.

A new Broadway take on 'Funny Girl' was a longtime dream for Lea Michele, with her publicly expressing her desire to star in it one day. However, the 2022 revival of the musical that propelled Barbra Streisand to fame ended up signing Beanie Feldstein up, not Michele. And… it did not go well. The audience, as well as the majority of critics, have widely agreed that Feldstein failed to live up to the Broadway standards.

Now, Michele's manifestation is finally bringing the desired result. She will star as Fanny Brice, and this is not only her own dream come true but also… her 'Glee' character's one.

For those who happened to not have spent a couple of years of their life watching Michele's Rachel Berry offering her takes on the 'Funny Girl' songs in 'Glee' and basically visualizing herself as the new Streisand… well, yeah, that's what was happening on the show.

However, Michele's controversial reputation has turned what could be a lovely foreshadowing into an "Infinity War " for 'Glee' fans. Now that Lea appears to have landed her dream role, 'Glee' fans don't know how to feel due to many people believing that Michele has turned into a real-life version of Rachel Berry, being not necessarily an evil person, but a rather mean one.

"For those of you outside the glee world, the lea michele replacing beanie is our infinity war but specifically when thanos looks up and says you should have gone for the head," – @cjfeisty.

It's not like Michele is a villain, although some 'Glee' fans definitely believe so, especially amid the accusations that the actress was rude and abusive towards some of her castmates. But the way the real world appears to intertwine with the events of 'Glee' is almost sinister now.

Because Lea Michele is not the only 'Glee' alum to take part in Broadway's 'Funny Girl' revival… well, at least before Jane Lynch, who portrayed evil coach Sue Sylvester on 'Glee' and Fanny's mother in the musical, exited the stage.

Just like her 'Glee' character during one of Rachel Berry's 'Funny Girl' performances, Lynch left the musical's cast before Michele's official debut. The reason for that has not been officially revealed, but 'Glee' fans did not even seem to need it, suggesting that Lynch simply does not want to come anywhere near Michele. However, Lynch, albeit remaining mum about her departure, has retweeted the casting announcement revealing that Michele has landed the role.

Whatever happens next, it seems that this time, Michele won't let anyone rain on her parade.