Here's Why Soldier Boy Should Land His Own Spin-Off

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First of all, he has an emoji now.

We need to be real: Soldier Boy is currently one of the most popular characters from 'The Boys', who drew many 'Supernatural' fans to Prime Video because of Jensen Ackles' take on the twisted version of Captain America.

Now, Twitter even granted him his own emoji – an honor that is typical for popular shows, and not standalone characters. This only fueled fans' desires for Soldier Boy to finally land a spin-off.

Jensen Ackles' character has already received a lot of accolades from critics and fans despite not yet enjoying a lot of screen time: he only appeared briefly in episode 3 of the new season that premiered on June 3.

Such a warm welcome from the public could definitely mean that a spin-off is a question of time, many fans believe. After all, Soldier Boy does have an interesting past, even though it looks that season 3 of 'The Boys' is on track to cover certain parts of it.

I think this is putting Jensen on the radar. Maybe major studios are taking note. – @mizzrrox.

Recent years have proven that people love a good old origin story. And while fans of Captain America might know this story by heart, Soldier Boy can bring even more satire to the iconic superhero's lore.

I think that would be the perfect start for a Soldier Boy spin-off, showing the man before the Compound V, then what happened to him at war, and how he started to become the first supe celebrity, how payback started... – @JustJensenDean.

The spin-off, just like the character, could be as controversial as one may imagine.

Then all the controversy of USA military ops, including actual wars like Vietnam and many CIA ops abroad.. sky is limit. Exploring of American culture on the way. Damn, I want it NOW. – @SPN4win.

You know who else is on board with the idea of the Soldier Boy and Team Payback spin-off? 'The Boys' showrunner, Erik Kripke. When asked about the possibility of a prequel centered around Ackles' character, he assured he would "love" to make it.

Still, there has been no official announcement. So we might want to finish the third season of 'The Boys', with its finale scheduled for July 8.

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