Here's Why 'Thor: Love and Thunder' VFX Might Be So Bad

Here's Why 'Thor: Love and Thunder' VFX Might Be So Bad
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Don't rush to blame visual effects artists.

Despite its impressive opening box office, 'Thor: Love and Thunder ' does not only enjoy accolades online. Many people have already slammed the new Taika Waititi movie, with its visual effects also coming under fire.

A lot of the film's shots seem to expose the green screen, according to some fans. Besides, some scenes boast "incredible" visual effects, while others simply fail at the VFX level, other people add.

The inconsistency in the visuals appeared to be something that made the movie even worse for those already cringing because of Waititi's sense of humor and the "overdose" in comedy.

But while the blame for bad jokes and questionable storytelling can be pinned on Taika Waititi, people are not ready to point the finger at VFX artists for 'Love and Thunder's visual misfortunes. The visual inconsistency, people argue, is the result of CGI supervisors simply not having enough time to finish their job.

The suggestions come amid the growing number of grievances shared on Reddit by Marvel's visual effects artists who complain that the studio is "the worst" employee to ever work for because of poor working conditions and deadlines that are hardly manageable – an understandable result of Marvel's crammed premiere schedule.

CGI in 'Love and Thunder', for its part, has been slammed not only by fans but also by the stars directly involved in the production. For instance, Tessa Thompson, who plays King Valkyrie, herself pointed out that Korg's color seems to be changing from blue to grayish as she was commenting on a sequence from the movie for Vanity Fair.

Visual effects are still not the biggest problem of 'Love and Thunder', fans argue. The movie's critics pointed out that Waititi has become repetitive, trying to go for the 'Ragnarok' effect and never introducing something new to it. Besides, fans have also accused the movie of failing to properly tell the story of Gorr the God Butcher and essentially turning Thor's entire superhero journey into a joke.

'Thor: Love and Thunder' premiered on July 8.