Here's Why Warner Bros. Marvel-Like Strategy is Doomed to Fail, According to Fans

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Absolutely no optimism here.

With Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav announcing a Marvel-ish plan of development for DC and touting it as something that is going to make the business more sustainable, and stories – more compelling, fans beg to differ.

According to Zaslav, what DC needs right now is a 10-year development plan – like the one Marvel Studios has been using to map out the evolution of the MCU.

While some people try to defend Zaslav and argue that it's reasonable to follow a business model that has proven to be working, many others clap back by implying that Marvel actually "failed".

"Marvel has flopped, is that really the plan? Just make great standalone films that can be re-watched and appreciated in 25 years. Joker is and can do that." – @LanasMonster1

Other fans claim that Marvel's strategy works successfully mainly because of Kevin Feige – the president of Marvel Studios who has been recently responsible for connecting the dots and planning out the future of the cinematic universe. As of now, there are legitimate doubts that Zaslav is going to be a similar person for DC.

Besides, critics argue, it's not only about Feige, but also about a long way to success which was initially a handful of great shots and mistakes.

"Marvel did all that after the success of phase 1 and 2. They created a strong confidence from the audience to do that. Look at the og Avengers hardly and diversity besides Sam Jackson. Also marvel doesn't give much freedom to their creators. Everything runs through Feige." – @SalCruz13

Last but not least, Warner Bros. does not seem to have a line-up of fan favorite stars and characters like Marvel does.

"Warner/DC has 0 chance against Marvel now. With what? Battinson, Momoa, the Rock, Joaquin, Gaga, Shazam, Affleck if he stays, Ezra if he's not gone by then. Did I miss anything? Maybe. Marvel has a wider range of universes & phases with multiverse in the end. No real reboot needed." – @joey_daugherty

Those who are not that enthusiastic about Marvel are against DC going Feige's way as well.

"Inspiration? Ok. But not a Marvel template, blueprint, no way. Eternals, Rings, Love n Thunder and others is like watching a comedy." – @Truth1083520118

Most recently, DC has seen more cancelations and controversy than actually successful projects. Earlier in the week, 'Batgirl' was shockingly shelved after months of production, while the studio seems to still mull a proper response to the controversy surrounding 'The Flash' and 'Aquaman 2'.

However, a 10-year plan with a focus on "quality over quantity" might just be what the studio needs – if done right.

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