Hogwarts Clearly Doesn't Care For Its Students, Just Look at Ron Weasley

Hogwarts Clearly Doesn't Care For Its Students, Just Look at Ron Weasley
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Seriously, his second year at Hogwarts was nothing but a challenge.

Harry Potter fans have many questions about Hogwarts as an educational institution for children. While Harry himself has always enjoyed a lot of love from the teachers (especially Professor McGonagall, who went so far as to buy him a broom), other students seem to be routinely ignored.

And Ron Weasley, despite being Harry's closest friend, is clearly one of the most affected.

Let's remember Chamber of Secrets, when Ron literally spent his entire second year at Hogwarts with a broken wand.

"McGonagall bought Harry a broom, for crying out loud. Surely she would have noticed Ron's predicament and purchased him a wand. Hogwarts even has a fund to help students who are having trouble obtaining their supplies," Redditor GenXPostFacto noted, wondering why something as serious as a damaged wand did not receive such attention from the Gryffindor head.

In the film, McGonagall only advises Ron to fix his wand, but apparently her advice does not help much, as Harry's friend ends up in the Chamber of Secrets with his wand still broken.

Some fans have suggested that Rowling made Ron spend his entire second year with a broken wand so that Lockhart's Forgetting spell would backfire. If true, this is "such an unnecessary plot point," fans said, since Rowling could have "broken" the wand at any point just before Ron and Harry entered the Chamber.

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But in the end, it was almost a plot hole, since so many opportunities to fix Ron's wand were missed. After all, Dumbledore could've easily repaired it with his older wand.

However, it seems that Hogwarts students can only rely on themselves when they have a problem – unless they are Harry Potter, of course.