House of the Dragon Fans Pick Favorite Team Green Member, And The Result is Surprising

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The two warring sides of Westeros comprise quite a few interesting characters, but somehow Team Green hasn't seen much love from audiences.

HBO's hit fantasy series saw the release of its first season last year. The events depicted in the series take place two hundred years before Game of Thrones. We get to see the decline of House Targaryen and their subsequent exile from the Seven Kingdoms.

The shenanigans of the blonde aristocrats proved compelling enough for millions of viewers around the world to closely follow the series, with flame wars breaking out all over the internet over who the best character in the show was.

The first season sees Team Green attempt to bring Aegon II to the throne of the Seven Kingdoms. The faction includes quite a few interesting characters such as Otto Hightower, his daughter Alicent, and Prince Aemond Targaryen.

None of them, however, can hold a candle to Queen Helaena Targaryen, Aegon's sister and wife. For most people it was love at first sight when they saw this sad grief-stricken lady who carries on despite her loss.

Over on Reddit, people are already expressing fears about what George R.R. Martin might do to her, given his penchant for killing off people's favourite characters. There is already a petition going to save Helaena from an untimely demise. It should come as no surprise that many fans describe Helaena as remarkably bizarre and eccentric, seeing how she's interested in bugs and has a weird habit of speaking in unknown languages. She is often ignored by everyone on Team Green, which infuriates her fans who then double down on their efforts to make sure she gets named the best character of the first season.

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Naturally, her status as the greatest character on Team Green has everything to do with the other members of the faction as everybody else around her is pretty evil and repulsive.

Aemond kills an innocent kid, Aegon is a raging rapist, Otto arranged a marriage for his daughter only to get closer to the Targaryens and Alicent is a lousy and cruel mother. So it looks like Helaena won over the hearts of the audiences by simply being a little less evil than everyone else around her.

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