House of the Dragon Fixes A Glaring Game of Thrones Plot Hole

House of the Dragon Fixes A Glaring Game of Thrones Plot Hole
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House of the Dragons has a lot of issues to fix. It still has to explain how come Jon Snow, aka the last Targaryen standing, didn't sit on the Iron Throne, or why everything went so weird in the last season of the show.

So far the new series is doing an amazing job fixing the plot holes from the Game of Thrones. It is probably the first case in the history of TV that a show set 172 years prior has so much influence on the events that will follow centuries later. One of the big decisions the creators make was to explain that Aegon Targaryen conquered Westeros to save it and the world from the White Walkers because of the vision he had that he later called "A Song of Ice and Fire." But if the prophecy was there all the while, how come no one knew about it?

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The penultimate episode of the first season of House of the Dragon attempts to fix that, too. As it turns out in the chaotic events following the death of king Viserys the prophecy is just forgotten. It was never lost as it was inscribed on the 'Catspaw Dagger' the one that was used by Arya Stark to kill the Night King and end the Great War. But for a long time no-one read it because Alicent's kids were just not as good in Valerian.

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It seems like House of the Dragon gives us the perfect example on how good intentions and elaborate plans get lost in confusion and mix-ups and mistakes and bad education. The whole line of events could be different for the Targaryens had they made an effort to read an inscription of the dagger. As always the case in the series that are based on well-known books words mean more than daggers in the end. One shouldn't underestimate them.