How Much Does Tom Cruise Make For a Word in a Movie? More Than You Thought

How Much Does Tom Cruise Make For a Word in a Movie? More Than You Thought
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The biggest paycheck always goes to the biggest Hollywood star.


  • In almost half a century of acting career, Tom Cruise has become one of the biggest Hollywood stars, which is why the actor receives around $7,000 for every word he speaks in a movie.
  • Cruise's highest grossing movie was Top Gun: Maverick, an exemplary blockbuster that earned nearly $1.5 billion worldwide.
  • Tom Cruise is involved in charity work, in particular he donates money to the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Tom Cruise has been acting in movies for nearly half a century, and for most of that time, he has remained a first-rate star. Over the years, his taste has betrayed him only a few times, such as when he agreed to star in 2017’s The Mummy.

But otherwise he is considered a cult star in the world of cinema – Tom has worked with Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott, Brian De Palma, Stanley Kubrick and other great directors.

Even now, when Cruise is most associated with the Mission: Impossible movies, it is not just being part of a successful project, because Cruise is a franchise himself. Viewers rushed to see the sequel of Top Gun not because they missed the 1986 film, but largely because Tom Cruise was back in the lead role.

Tom Cruise Makes $7,000 Per Word

It's no secret that the bigger the Hollywood star, the more valuable their time on set. Have you ever wondered how much it costs to get ten seconds of Tom Cruise in a movie?

Even your wildest guess will be less than the actual figure – according to Casumo, the actor earns about $200,000 for ten seconds of work, and about $7,000 for every word he speaks. Impressive, isn't it?

The actor's highest grossing film was, of course, Top Gun: Maverick – an exemplary blockbuster in which almost everything is perfect: a strong script based on a return to the past, a visual part full of references, and a brilliant soundtrack that preserved the style of the original.

All this made the sequel to the old film not only a box office phenomenon which grossed almost $1.5 billion worldwide, but a real hit of 2022, which forever inscribed Cruise’s name in the history of cinema.

Cruise Donates Money to Support Medical Centers and Foundations

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Tom regularly donates money to the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, which helps anyone in need who suffers from this disease. He is also a full-time supporter of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation – it helps HIV positive people and children with AIDS.

Whatever happens, Tom Cruise is unlikely to retire from acting anytime soon. He plans to act in films for another 20 years, until he is 80. He takes inspiration from Harrison Ford.

According to Cruise, Ford is a true movie legend and just a great person who does a great job. In addition, Cruise wants to continue filming Mission: Impossible. Well, such a plan is quite realistic, especially since the viewers love Tom Cruise for his fearlessness and brilliant acting talent.

Source: Casumo (via CinemaBlend)