How Much Money Tom Cruise Earned From 'Top Gun Maverick'?

How Much Money Tom Cruise Earned From 'Top Gun Maverick'?
Image credit: Legion-Media

The Hollywood superstar took quite a gamble with his paycheck for the Joseph Kosinski-directed blockbuster, expecting to earn much more if the film performed well at the box office.

Tom Cruise seems to be around almost forever, starring in incredibly expensive blockbusters and making a splash with his dangerous stunts. So, it's no surprise that he makes a huge amount of money from his movies, as his combined net worth is more than half a billion dollars. Since his average salary per film is more than $20 million, fans were somewhat surprised when it was announced that Cruise would only get a $13 million in advance for 'Top Gun Maverick'. But don't worry, the star has already earned much more for his hit summer blockbuster.

Cruise risked a pay cut in hopes of getting much more money from a special box-office deal with Paramount. Under this agreement, Cruise is entitled to 10% of the studio's first dollar gross, which is about half of its box office receipts.

As of now, 'Maverick' has grossed $755 million, according to Box Office Mojo, and the actor has already earned more than $37 million, making his total paycheck more than $50 million. And that number continues to grow.

It's worth noting that for Cruise, who's obviously proved himself as a big box-office name, 10% of the first dollar gross setup is pretty much a standard deal at this point.

This incredible success only proves that if an actor is willing to sacrifice his own financial well-being in the hope of making a better film, he will be rewarded with trust and appreciation of the audience. For Tom Cruise it's an obvious win: he finally scored his first $300M domestic with 'Top Gun: Maverick'!