I Am Groot Director Made Bradley Cooper Shout For an Hour, Even Though Rocket Only Says 1 Word

I Am Groot Director Made Bradley Cooper Shout For an Hour, Even Though Rocket Only Says 1 Word
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Once again, Bradley Cooper proved his commitment to the role.

Bradley Cooper 's portrayal of Rocket Raccoon in the Marvel universe has become nothing short of legendary. We've all adored Rocket since the first Guardians of the Galaxies movie, and couldn’t take our eyes off of him. But there is one appearance of Rocket that you might have missed.

Rocket made a brief appearance in the miniseries I Am Groot. Interestingly, for the first season of I Am Groot, Bradley Cooper was asked to shout basically for a whole hour.

Kirsten Lepore, the creator and director of I Am Groot, revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she had Bradley Cooper shout non-stop for an hour for the final episode of I Am Groot season 1, where Rocket makes an appearance.

Later, she admitted to feeling a tad guilty for the vocal marathon she put Cooper through. To make it up to him, they gifted him some calming tea.

In this episode, titled Magnum Opus, Rocket discovers the mess Groot made on the ship, likening it to a bomb explosion. Groot says it was indeed a bomb explosion. As Rocket reprimands him, Groot shows a drawing of the Guardians. Another blast occurs, nearly trapping Rocket, but Groot saves him.

Rocket makes a small voice cameo in a recently-released second season as well.

Spoiler alert for I Am Groot season 2.

In the mid-credits scene of the 3rd episode of season 2, Groot throws a cup and apparently hits Rocket, who says literally one line: “Dude!”

Looks like Bradley Cooper returned for season 2 just to say a single word. What a dedication, right?

During a chat with Good Morning America, before the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, he opened up about what Rocket means to him. "Honestly, it was very emotional to play him. [...] You really get a chance to understand how he came to be," Cooper said.

The camaraderie among the Guardians cast and crew is heartening. They're not just colleagues; they're family. Chris Pratt, who portrayed Star-Lord, has often spoken about how the Guardians films transformed his life.

Similarly, James Gunn, who is now a boss at DC, has a special bond with Rocket, confessing that he sees a lot of himself in the character.

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