I Watched Most of 2024’s Comedies & Here Are the 10 Least Cringy Ones

I Watched Most of 2024’s Comedies & Here Are the 10 Least Cringy Ones
Image credit: Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Amazon Prime Video

Spend some quality time laughing and not cringing this weekend. Here are the ten best 2023 & 2024 comedies and where you can watch them!

10. The Underdoggs (2024)

Life isn’t always consistent: one day you may be king, and the other you’ll find yourself at rock bottom. That’s exactly what happens to a former football star who’s sentenced to community service for his misdeeds. Appointed as a coach to the country’s worst junior team, the former star decides to turn them into champions.

You can stream The Underdoggs on Prime Video.

9. The Private Eye (2024)

“The things we do for love,” as one blond man once said, can be terrifying. A private investigator is stuck at the bottom, but a contract from a charming woman revitalizes him — especially after he falls in love with her. His target, who he believes to be the woman’s husband, is a threat to their happiness… At least, that’s how he sees it.

You can watch The Private Eye in theaters.

8. Weak Layers (2024)

When someone calls you a weak layer, proving them wrong is a matter of honor! Three best friends embark on a journey to join a ski-movie competition and prove their worth. No one takes the girls seriously as the ski industry has always been dominated by men… But they have more than a couple of aces up their sleeves.

You can stream Weak Layers on Apple TV and Prime Video.

7. The Book of Clarence (2024)

What is faith if not the desire to reach the divine? That, or something along those lines, is how Clarence, an unfortunate Jerusalem local, justifies himself. The man finds himself captivated by the rising power of the Messiah and tries to gain something from it, but his utter greed suddenly clashes with his newly-found faith.

You can stream The Book of Clarence on Apple TV.

6. Mean Girls (2024)

Rarely do remakes of old movies become successful, but this is one such case. A young girl joins the most popular clique in her new high school, though she doesn’t stay on top for long: she makes a terrible mistake by falling in love with the clique leader’s ex-boyfriend. Now, she’s the target of the girls she considered her friends.

You can stream Mean Girls on Prime Video.

5. The Heartbreak Agency (2024)

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There are many ways to find a romantic partner, but some of them are still ostracized. A young journalist embarks on an investigation to reveal the “ugly truth” about a lovesick agency’s charming founder but quickly finds himself enamored by her. What’s more important: truth or feelings? And what even is the truth?

You can stream The Heartbreak Agency on Netflix.

4. Shortcomings (2023)

Having a critical mind and being offensively critical of anything around you are two different things. The main character of Shortcomings fails to grasp it over and over again: invested into the movie industry, he neglects his girlfriends as he doesn’t find their interests on par with his. Will he notice his own shortcomings instead of others’?

You can stream Shortcomings on Netflix and Prime Video.

3. Good Grief (2023)

Losing loved ones is the toughest challenge any of us can have. When Marc’s beloved husband dies, the man finds himself at his lowest point in life. To save their buddy, his two best friends take him on a journey to Paris, the city of love, and this trip becomes a massive spiritual self-rediscovery for all three men involved.

You can stream Good Grief on Netflix and Prime Video.

2. Self Reliance (2023)

Life is always worth living it, but sometimes, it takes radical measures to realize it. A man decides to take part in a life-or-death game with massive stakes, but no one believes him: his friends and relatives are not going to babysit him for a cool story. But he rediscovers a strong will to live and decides to win the game on his own.

You can stream Self Reliance on Hulu.

1. Lift (2024)

Sometimes, it’s best to fasten your seatbelts when you’re told to. Especially if your plane became the target of an international heist crew: to prevent a devastating terrorist attack, they must rob an aircraft mid-flight which sounds hard but turns out to be even harder. So yeah, better fasten your seatbelt: the landing will be rough.

You can stream Lift on Netflix.