Insane Fan Theory That Will Make You Question Everything About Toy Story

Insane Fan Theory That Will Make You Question Everything About Toy Story
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This might change the way you see Pixar classic entirely.

Pixar movies are notorious for provoking fan theories that can sometimes drive you crazy because of how wild and plausible they are at the same time. Well, how about one such fan theory that will add a whole new layer into Toy Story for you?

Here you go: it is highly likely that Andy's mom is in fact Emily, the original owner of cowgirl Jessie from the second movie.

If you think that is a stretch, wait until you know the evidence that a Huffington Post contributor collected to support the theory. First of all, in the first movie, Andy is seen rocking a cowboy hat when he plays with Woody — but it is drastically different from the one Woody himself wears.

However, it is exactly similar to Jessie's — it is a red hat with white laces woven into it. And in Jessie's flashback in Toy Story 2, we see that her original owner Emily had such a hat — we could see it on her bed lying next to Jessie herself.

Fans resort to thinking that Andy might have received his cowboy hat from his mother, which is why his hat is so different from Woody's.

Meanwhile, it's worth noting that we don't know Andy's mom first name, with the movies only referring to her as Ms. Davis. At the same time, Emily's second name is also a mystery to us.

It's also clear that Emily would be old enough to be Andy's mom: her room looks old-fashioned, and we know that Woody and other cowboy toys were at their peak in the 50-60s, which makes perfect sense for Toy Story (the first movie came out in 1995).

If this fan theory is true (and knowing Pixar's love for obscure Easter eggs, it might be), then it is even more heart-wrenching for us to know that Jessie and Bulls-eye ended up being Andy's toys — because basically, they returned to their original owner.