Insane Ron Weasley Fan Theory That Actually Makes Perfect Sense

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Bet this was the last thing you could ever suggest about Harry Potter's best friend, but here we are.

We know and love Ron Weasley as an important part of the Golden Trio, a talented Quidditch keeper, but have we ever thought of him as an inadvertently gifted seer?

Don't get too surprised. A popular fan theory actually suggests that Ron has a hidden talent for seeing the future, even though he himself is not truly aware of it. However, the story does have a lot of moments when Ron actually managed to predict what would happen.

Only one such prediction was actually, you know, a prediction, since it was made during Professor Trelawney's class when the then-third-years were deciphering the coffee grounds.

Back at the time, Ron predicted that Harry was going to "suffer but be happy about it", which, if you think about it, is a perfect summary of the Chosen One's future.

Other little instances of Ron predicting the future include him foreseeing that Harry was going to work in the Ministry of Magic (he did, in fact, become an auror), and in Chamber of Secrets, Ron also guessed that Tom Riddle was the one who killed Myrtle (before Harry confirmed it later).

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Ron's psychic abilities have not, of course, been confirmed by J.K. Rowling herself. Many fans believe that Ron's accurate predictions were nothing short of the author actually sprinkling the story with Easter eggs, but isn't it surprising how it was almost always Ron who got things right?

No matter your stance on the theory, Ron's divination gift is not something that can be proved in the near future — unless, of course, J.K.Rowling decides to somehow return to the Wizarding World series.

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