Inside Out 2 New Trailer Proves 11-Year Old Fan Theory True

Inside Out 2 New Trailer Proves 11-Year Old Fan Theory True
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The long-standing theory may not be a theory anymore.


  • Pixar, the company that has developed cartoon stories like Brave, Monsters Inc, Inside Out, Up, Ratatouille and many others, is also famous for including little references to its previous projects in brand new movies
  • One such reference seems to have confirmed an old viral theory.
  • Pixar has released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming movie Inside Out 2 and there’s one particular detail that indicates this theory’s vitality.

Fans have also been noticing many other proofs for the theory in the first film of Inside Out’s story.

Just like other big cartoon companies like Disney or DreamWorks, Pixar never gets tired of leaving small and sometimes hardly noticeable references to their previous projects in the new movies.

As the studio is getting prepared for the release of their very much anticipated Inside Out 2 this summer, the brand new teaser trailer for the cartoon seems to have debunked all the doubts about one viral theory about Pixar — again thanks to the tiny references.

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The theory itself, created by Jon Negroni, has been circulating all over the internet for several years now and generally suggests that all the stories created by Pixar don’t actually exist separately, but rather co-exist in the same universe and just happen in different timelines. Like, for example, Brave that takes place in antiquity, and Monsters Inc the plot of which unfolds in the very far future.

The teaser trailer for Pixar's upcoming movie has seemingly confirmed this theory by just one poster hanging on the wall above the main character Riley’s bed.

The poster depicts the band called 4*Town — and this band has already appeared in Pixar’s other story, Turning Red, that was released back in 2022. Thus, the scene suggests that at least Inside Out and Turning Red are happening within the same universe.

But it’s not where the wild theory stops. Other observations pointed out by the fans indicate that Inside Out also features a rat that looks suspiciously similar to Remy from Ratatouille, as well as a scene that presumably depicts Up’s Carl and Ellie’s wedding.

On top of that, Negroni claims that Bing Bong, Riley’s imaginary friend, in fact comes from Monsters Inc.

The theory goes for many more examples from literally all The Pixar stories, but it does seem like the company itself has decided to unveil the intrigue little by little. We may also see something more than just a poster when Inside Out 2 hits cinemas this June.

Source: Jon Negroni