Is Daemon Targaryen… The Night King From 'Game of Thrones'?

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Now that would be a bombshell plot twist.

Two episodes into 'House of the Dragons', fans have already come up with a crazy enough theory: what if the main villain of 'Game of Thrones', the Night King, is in fact… Daemon Targaryen?

Although it may seem just a little bit stretched, there is, in fact, such a possibility. After all, we never knew the name of the man who was turned into the Night King, and – book spoiler alert! – according to 'Fire And Blood', Daemon's body was never recovered after his fatal battle with Aemond and Vhagar.

It is not the only thing pointing at the possibility of Daemon being the Night King.

"Daemon’s clothing is similar to the night king. The collar with the shoulders. Textures are similar. Plus the Night King rode the dragon like he’d done it before. I agree and thought immediately Daemon is the Night King." - /FalconOk2795

After all, the two do look alike: both boast blonde hair and a similar attitude, which only solidifies fans in their beliefs.

In 'Game of Thrones', there was a scene where a man was turned into the Night King, and it obviously wasn't Matt Smith, who portrays Daemon in the prequel series. However, fans argue that the prequel is free to change that; after all, we never knew the name of the man. The Night King himself in 'Game of Thrones' was portrayed not by one, but actually by two different actors. Firstly, British-American actor Richard Brake donned the Night King heavy makeup in seasons 4 and 5; and then Slovakian actor and stuntman Vladimir Furdik portrayed the main villain of the series in seasons 6 to 8.

Still, others insist that the Night King was in fact the first White Walker, who was created thousands of years before the events of 'Game of Thrones' – and, naturally, long before the events of 'House of the Dragon'.

'House of the Dragon' might go for such a retcon, even though the showrunners have obviously not commented on the possibility of Daemon Targaryen being the Night King. It is worth mentioning, though, that George R. R. Martin is quite heavily involved in the process of creating 'House of the Dragon', so any possible retcon would actually be on the creator of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' himself.

We have eight more episodes for that to be confirmed or debunked. 'House of the Dragon' is currently streaming on HBO Max, with new episodes arriving every Sunday.

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