Is Jared Padalecki Being 'Canceled' Over 2nd Amendment Tattoo?

Is Jared Padalecki Being 'Canceled' Over 2nd Amendment Tattoo?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Here's what's actually happening.

It seems that Jared Padalecki is in trouble due to his new tattoo, with fans fuming over not only the tattoo itself but also the timing of getting it.

According to the pictures that emerged online, Padalecki's new tattoo is a symbol of a cannon with a star above it – an insignia that is associated with the historic slogan "Come and take it". This slogan is now used by the Second Amendment activists advocating for gun rights.

Padalecki's tattoo does not have the slogan itself, only the symbol, but it was more than enough to spark a firestorm around him. What concerned people was the timing of the actor getting the tattoo: it appeared on Padalecki's forearm shortly after the deadly May shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Naturally, people immediately recalled the incident when the actor was drunk and got involved into a fight in October 2019.

"Jared Padalecki getting a 2nd amendment tattoo right after a mass shooting is his own state that killed children and teachers…vile. maybe he should focus more on not assaulting the working class while drunk instead of his precious guns." – @lavabend.

Many people decided to officially stop being Padalecki's fans after his new tattoo.

"Jared Padalecki getting a "come and take it" tattoo after nearly 20 children lost their lives to gun violence not 3 hours from his hometown is not what i had on my 2022 bingo," – @mutantfrogboy.

The controversial tattoo, however, might not necessarily mean that Padalecki wanted to make a pro-gun statement. Many fans suggested that the Texan actor was instead trying to express his identity.

"I'm pretty sure it's a pro-Texas symbol for him. He's a history geek, and that is a significant symbol in Texas history. I imagine he's feeling even more tied to Texas history right now creating the Walker prequel, which probably prompted the tat." – @julesnewaddy.

The "Come and take it" slogan, aside from being used by pro-gun activists, was also a part of the 1835 Battle of Gonzales that took place during the Texas revolution against Mexico. Four years before the skirmish, Mexico gave the Texas colony of Gonzales a small bronze canon, and when Mexican authorities demanded that Texans give it back after the 1835 battle, they responded with the now notorious phrase. "Come and take it" was later fashioned into a flag with the symbol that is now tattooed on Padalecki's forearm.

However, few people currently view the symbol as a statement of Texas pride, associating it with white supremacism and pro-gun sentiment. Padalecki himself is yet to comment on his new tattoo.