Is Johnny Depp Finishing His Career? Heartbreaking Rumors Explained

Is Johnny Depp Finishing His Career? Heartbreaking Rumors Explained
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He doesn’t quit the industry though.


  • After the scandalous trial that almost ruined his entire career, Johnny Depp is coming back — but this time as a director while his acting plans remain unclear.
  • According to several reports, Johnny Depp’s professional focus may have significantly changed over the last couple of years.
  • The famous actor’s directorial feature Modí is set to be released anytime soon.

Johnny Depp seems to be back on track after his long and quite scandalous trial with ex-wife Amber Heard — the actor has been recently testing his strength in directing with his upcoming movie Modí, Depp’s first directorial feature in more than 25 years since his 1997 film The Brave.

While the movie is about to be released later this year, the actor’s plan for appearing in front of the camera rather than behind it were quite obscure — and the recent reports don’t seem to bring anything positive for the fans.

According to TMZ, Depp has never said anything about wrapping his acting career up and thus will most likely return with new roles — someday. As the outlet put it, at the moment the actor wants to dedicate himself to directing while staying in Europe, but he may come back to Hollywood as well somewhere in the future.

Such a decision makes much more sense given that Depp’s upcoming biopic Modí, with the star-studded cast and the famous actor in the director’s chair, has all the chances to become commercial and critical success thus paving Depp’s way to more directorial projects.

The film’s production was finished back in January, so the fans may expect Modí to hit the cinemas later this year or at the beginning of 2025 the latest.

So far Johnny Depp’s absence from the acting world wasn’t that long as the actor starred in French director and actress Maïwenn’s historical drama Jeanne du Barry back in 2023.

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Despite a disheartening score of 49% on Rotten Tomatoes, Depp’s portrayal of King Louis XV was mostly praised for a versatile performance and an almost perfect French.

Though nothing about Johnny Depp’s acting future is clear yet even for the actor himself, there’s one thing everybody can be reassured about — he isn’t making his way back to The Pirates of The Caribbean, however hard to accept it is.

Source: TMZ