Is Pixar's 'Lightyear' A Flop?

Is Pixar's 'Lightyear' A Flop?
Image credit: Legion-Media

What was intended as a nice comeback for Pixar, whose projects all went straight to Disney+ recently, now's shaping up to be a financial disaster.

Disney made quite a bet on the newest animated movie, in which Chris Evans voices the iconic Buzz Lightyear, but did it pay off? 'Lightyear', telling the space story of a famous astronaut Buzz Lightyear who decides to break the laws of physics to save his crew, was advertised as another great Pixar adventure aimed at both young and adult audiences. But it seems that the convoluted plot overshadowed the great animated style and ended up not attracting audiences to theaters at all.

Although the film grossed a respectable $50 million on its opening weekend, now that a week has passed, it looks like Disney's hopes of making another billion dollars at the box office have finally been dashed. So far, 'Lightyear' has earned somewhere around $88 million domestically, and the second weekend box office is down as much as 65%, with the movie earning just $17 million.

Internationally, the 'Toy Story' spin-off isn't doing so well either. $63 million in nine days is certainly a huge failure for a $200 million film, and it seems that Disney won't be able to recoup its costs, as the film will probably never reach the $400 million bar at all. And even the subsequent success on Disney+ will not save the film from being called a major failure. Perhaps the studio should have released 'Lightyear' in China after all?

"But they still lost hundreds of millions of dollars tho. Big success in Disney plus doesn't mean anything if you cost the studio hundreds of millions of dollars. Most people might not be aware that the budget of this movie is 200 million dollars," – @RH78123.

Understandably, fans took to asking some rather uncomfortable questions – looks like almost everyone's genuinely surprised with 'Lightyear' ending up being a flop.

"I don't understand why Disney gave them so much money. I guess they thought it would be really successful because it was a toy story spinoff," – @RH78123.