Is Supernatural's Mark Sheppard in Walker: Independence?

Is Supernatural's Mark Sheppard in Walker: Independence?
Image credit: Legion-Media, The CW

Supernatural gang is (well, sort of) back together again.

A spinoff announcement is usually followed by mixed feelings and bated breaths of fans as they wait in anticipation. The expectations are high; the spinoff must offer as much or even much more than its predecessor. But we all love to see different universes branch out like intricate webs, especially if it has our favorite character from another series! Yes, the rumors are true; Mark Sheppard from the Supernatural is set to star in Walker: Independence.

Let's get into the details.

With the success of the first show Walker, CW was quick to announce a prequel, Walker: Independence. The network will release the spin-off of Walker this fall, and fans are thrilled as ever to know more about this story.

Here's everything that we know so far about the new show Walker: Independence.

Although it is a prequel to Walker, the show may not have similar themes to its predecessor. It is western, but it's set in the late 1800s, meaning it will have a much older vibe (so expect some great costumes!)

The trailer does not give anything major away, as CW aims to keep the plot under wraps. However, we can safely assume that Independence is not as innocent as it seems, and the main characters will learn it soon enough. In addition to Abby Walker (Arrow's Katherine McNamara), a distant relative of Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki ) in the original Walker series, we also catch a glimpse of Mark Sheppard's mysterious character in the trailer.

After Jared Padalecki, a Supernatural lead actor, fans hope to see another familiar face. Mark Sheppard was also part of CW's Supernatural; he played Crowley, a crossroad demon turned king of hell.

A known star on a show always builds excitement amongst fans, and the presence of Mark Sheppard has undoubtedly made everyone eager to witness his return to the network. As the trailer keeps a lid on most details, we are unsure whether Mark has considerable screen time or just a brief appearance in the plot. Nevertheless, his involvement in the series alone was what "sold" Walker: Independence to many fans.

"Looks like the cast of Supernatural are getting back in business. First Jared gets Walker, now Jensen is doing the prequel. Misha is Harvey Dent, and now Mark Sheppard is in this Walker prequel series," YouTube user Thinus van Staden pointed out.

Fans have expressed their delight on social media after the rumors of Mark's presence in the show were confirmed. One wonders whether he will play the "good guy or, more likely, a baddy", while others hope to see the Supernatural gang working together again. Whatever the case, Mark Sheppard's addition is definitely a bonus. Only time will tell whether Mark Sheppard is part of the cast or a guest star. However, that does not mean we cannot celebrate the actor's involvement in the show for now.

Walker Independence premieres Thursday, October 6.