Is Vecna Actually A Good Guy? Here's What Jamie Campbell Bower Has To Say

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Netflix's biggest series has no shortage of memorable new characters introduced in its fourth season, but none was as divisive as the main villain Vecna, aka Henry Creel.

Since the premiere of the first season of 'Stranger Things', fans have been eager to find out who the first subject of Dr. Brenner's inhumane experiments, named 001, would be. And season four reveals his identity right from the doorstep – Henry Creel, a troubled child with a messed-up up upbringing, who was broken while in Hawkins' lab, resulting in his transformation into the skull-faced villain Vecna, determined to destroy the entire world to avenge the pain he suffered as a child. This is a perfectly valid reason for all the villainous acts he committed during Season 4, and fans are hesitant to call him a cold-blooded killer.

And it looks like he may appear as an anti-hero rather than a full-fledged villain in the upcoming finale of the Hawkins saga. Speaking to TVLine, Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Creel, talked about his character's future, revealing the tender side hidden beneath all that villainous attire.

"His experience has led him to this point of believing — actually, knowing, not necessarily believing — that people present a falsity and this world is just full of liars. He really wants to change that for the greater good," Bower said.

But some fans still don't believe in the idea of Vecna as a good guy, remembering how badly he hurt Max, leaving her in a coma. People believe that Max is actually trapped with Vecna, and Eleven's attempt to save her may result in him showing up again, more powerful than ever before.

"Feels as likely to be true for Max actually. El bringing her back to life might prevent Vecna from dying unless she is killed." – /HumptyEggy.

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