Is Will Really in Love With Mike in 'Stranger Things'?

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And does it mean a love triangle?

Despite the clearly established romantic relationship between Mike and Eleven in 'Stranger Things', there are massive speculations among fans that Eleven is not the only one fancying Mike in the show.

Even though the Duffer brothers never explicitly addressed the sexuality of Will Byers, many people believe that his recent behavior points out that he has feelings for Mike and is afraid to come out to him – as well as to the rest of the Hawking gang.

The Will-Mike shippers were especially happy with a handful of hints in the new season, with some scenes, they believe, clearly suggesting that Will does not see Mike simply as a friend anymore.

"it's not the same without you" and "i feel like i lost you" are actual lines that mike wheeler said to will byers i'm gonna pass out," – @byersenthusiast.

One of the biggest hints, according to the fans, was how Will told Mike that "sometimes it's just scary to open up like that" when the two were discussing the drama between Mike and El.

Besides, the fact that Will chose Alan Turing – the iconic gay mathematician – as his hero for a school project, also may indicate the fact that he is gay. But Mike, in his turn, has been clearly established to like girls – and the possibility of him being bisexual just for the sake of some love drama seems to not sit well with many people.

"I like will being gay but him being in love with mike will be so annoying. Just introduce another gay boy to the show and let everyone be happy. And pls don't make mike bi only to please people, please," – @hfcknstyles_.

After all, there is also a possibility that Will only wants to be best friends with Mike and nothing more; and Mike, in turn, will stay in a relationship with Eleven. With things remaining vague, fans tentatively hope that Volume 2 (which premieres on July 1) will sort it all out… with shippers having their fingers crossed for a confession scene between Will and Mike.

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