It's High Time For Blue Bloods to Finally Stop Wasting Its Most Promising Side Character

It's High Time For Blue Bloods to Finally Stop Wasting Its Most Promising Side Character
Image credit: CBS

It's been several seasons now of a certain someone just wasting her potential.

Blue Bloods has a lot of characters who have been there since the beginning, but when people like Danny Reagan enjoy the spotlight, others have to stay in the shadows even though they have just as much potential.

Yes, we're talking about Detective Abigail Baker, who's been around since season one, and in fact, she's been the Hermione Granger of Blue Bloods for quite some time now. Yet the show continues to use her as nothing more than a receptionist, never bothering to develop her character or give her arc any additional storylines or depth. And it looks like fans are getting tired of it.

"She is beautiful, classy, well dressed, handles herself exceptionally well in male dominated office. [In my opinion,] she is the best female on the show and it's not even close. She has done detective things many times in the series. I also wish they could have figured how to get her more into the storylines," Redditor save-therhino- said.

So far, though, the most difficult task Blue Bloods has given Baker has been getting coffee for Frank.

"It's weird to have a detective on the staff that only gets to be a receptionist. She sits in on the four way meetings but never has much to offer," Redditor calguy1955 noted.

Fans are starting to feel like the show is wasting the potentially great character, as well as the actress' talents, by never expanding her role to something more meaningful than a receptionist who is great at giving worried looks.

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Even though Baker has never been a main character, that doesn't mean the show couldn't explore her a bit more, possibly opening the door for another strong and compelling female character. It wouldn't be the first time in television history that a supporting character has been "promoted" to the forefront, and Baker's track record begs for such a promotion.

Blue Bloods is currently in its 13th season and will return to CBS on March 3.