James Gunn Explains How 'I Am Groot's Fits Into 'GotG' Timeline

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After the recent release date announcement for a Disney+ collection of animated shorts centered around the beloved Baby Groot, fans began to wonder about the show's connection to the 'Guardians' saga.

Obviously, the upcoming show is aimed at a fairly young audience, who will certainly enjoy following little Groot experience of what it's like to grow up among the heroes and villains populating the MCU. But some older fans don't mind checking out the project either, especially hoping to learn more about the other members of the 'Guardians'. But it looks like any info we'll learn in 'I Am Groot' will still be considered non-canonical, thanks to James Gunn's take on the subject.

Promoting the series on his Instagram account, Gunn finally answered the question that has plagued the MCU fans since 'I Am Groot' was first announced – no, it's not canon and it doesn't fit into 'GotG' timeline at all. As sad as it sounds, it can actually be considered liberation, since the creative team behind the series won't be bound by the strict rules of Marvel's main story, instead venturing into new territories where they can do whatever they want.

"I like this approach, I feel like it gives them more freedom to just let Groot do adorable stuff," – /OneAngryDuck.

And fans support this view, arguing that some projects don't have to be canonical to have great entertainment value, wishing that other Disney+ shows would use this way of thinking more.

"Unpopular opinion, don’t worry about canon, if a movie needs something to be canon it will make it clear, otherwise just appreciate everything for what it is and like what you like, being non canon doesn’t make something bad, I’ve seen far too many people get worked up on things like this and it serves no benefit," – /Multievolution.

A loosely tied season of special animated shorts will be released on Disney+ on August 10, 2022.

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