James Gunn Kills The Only Batman Part II Update Fans Begged to Be True

James Gunn Kills The Only Batman Part II Update Fans Begged to Be True
Image credit: Legion-Media, DC

The fans have been cherishing a hope to see this iconic rival’s return to the screens.


  • Matt Reeves’ Batman Part II with Robert Pattinson in the leading role is quite far from being released, but the rumors around a potential plot don’t stop circulating.
  • One particular casting rumor has been everyone’s talk subject up until DC’s co-head James Gunn debunked it by calling it a fake.
  • Despite the disproof, the rumored character’s appearance could have quite a lot of influence on Batman's potential plot.

As Matt Reeves’ Batman Part II starring Robert Pattinson has recently been delayed for one more year, it means we won’t get to see it at least until 2026 — but the devoted fans are not wasting this time. Even though the future film’s plot details are covered with a cloud of mystery, some people have already spread a major casting rumor.

Thus, in the flow of discussions about new characters and already well-known villains that may potentially appear in Batman Part II, the news that Indiana Jones ’ actor Boyd Holbrook had been cast as Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, popped up. Harvey Dent is quite a famous character in the Batman’s universe portrayed as one of Bruce Wayne’s most resilient rivals.

The rumor about Harvey Dent’s appearance in Matt Reeves’ next movie spread earlier in the beginning of March, but Guardians of the Galaxy’s director and one of the DC’s heads James Gunn brought in some frustrating news by posting a one-word reply to the rumors calling them fake.

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Though so far there’s still a chance that the fans will get to see some surprising comebacks of those characters that weren’t in the first Batman as the film isn’t yet set for the production and nothing points out to any plot details. The Batman Part II’s shooting has recently been delayed because of last year’s Hollywood strikes.

One more significant argument in favor of Harvey Dent’s return in Robert Pattinson’s Batman is the character’s essential role in the comic’s social world.

Given that Two-Face is a district attorney in Gotham City, his introduction in the upcoming movie would be a great addition to Reeves’ dark-coloured and rainy city that — and it will bring to the light some more of criminal-centered themes like Gotham’s corruption system.