James Gunn Praises 'Rogue One' As "The Most Underrated" 'Star Wars' Film

Image credit: Legion-Media

Since its premiere in 2016, 'Rogue One' became one of the most acclaimed 'Star Wars' spin-offs, but it's still not enough for James Gunn.

Gareth Edwards-helmed film is centered on a group of outlaws trying to steal the blueprints for the recently build Death Star. The team is led by Felicity Jones' Jyn Erso and Diego Luna's Cassian Andor. New characters quickly proved to be popular within Star Wars fandom, with Andor awaiting to receive his own prequel series on Disney+. The film boasts an impressive 86% freshness from Rotten Tomatoes, and scored more than $1 billion worldwide.

Yet James Gunn still considers 'Rogue One' to be underrated.

And it's clear why. Despite critical and box-office success, 'Rogue One' is rarely brought to the conversation about 'Star Wars' – it seems that the new trilogy has completely overshadowed it with its (somewhat unfortunate, to many) twists and turns. Perhaps, as James Gunn would certainly agree, 'Rogue One' is too good of a film to be overrated.

Fans can only hope that upcoming 'Andor' TV series would remind viewers of how great the original spin-off was.

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