Jensen Ackles Just Suggested A Great Idea For 'Supernatural' Revival

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Even though the series ended less than two years ago, The CW's biggest show is already trying to make a comeback, as Ackles revealed an interesting idea for how to make it happen.

The show, in which Sam and Dean Winchester hunt demons and save humanity, ran successfully for 15 seasons, but despite massive fandom and a competent creative team behind it, managed to ruin the long-awaited finale. Fans of the series were justifiably unhappy with the way their favorite show ended and demanded a more dignified ending to the Winchester saga. And it looks like Jensen Ackles is trying his best to make it up to fans by producing The CW's new show 'The Winchesters' and pitching 'Supernatural' revival to HBO Max.

Speaking with TV Guide, Ackles shared his idea for a suitable 'Supernatural' revival, describing it as a 10-episode limited series for HBO Max with just one narrative throughout the season. And another thing is that the series will resemble something like 'True Detective'. Wow.

For one thing, the mini-series format would be perfect for bringing the boys back to the screens, and the more realistic and even violent format would perfectly complement the effect of seeing the Winchesters really grow up after the series ended. It remains to be seen what HBO executives think of Ackles' proposal, but given that 'Supernatural' fandom is as massive as it is, something tells us that the network will jump at the chance.

However, some fans are still trying to figure out where the series might go next after that explosive finale, discussing the possibilities on Twitter.

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