Jensen Ackles Reveals The Most Shocking Moment in The Boys S3 Script

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'The Boys' is definitely not known for being a wholesome show but some episodes have shocked even the actors involved.

For Jensen Ackles, there were a couple of really shocking moments in season 3. Speaking to Men's Health, he revealed that some parts of the season 3 script made him uncomfortable, and others caused uncontrollable laughter.

Among the most unsettling things, he was able to differentiate two of them. The first one is quite predictable: 'Herogasm' and pretty much everything related. The second one is the scene where Soldier Boy is caught in bed with The Legend's (Paul Reiser) maids.

"I read that and I laughed out loud," Jensen admitted.

For 'Supernatural' fans, the scene turned out to be even more uncomfortable to watch because of the old-school soundtrack used in it – it was Speedwagon's 'Can't Fight This Feeling', which was once a wholesome song that Dean Winchester sang in season 2.

Regarding 'Herogasm', Jensen was unsure just how the crew was going to pull everything off after first reading the script. However, now that the whole season is out, 'Herogasm' turned out to not be the most shocking thing seen by 'The Boys' fans.

Season 4 is due to start filming soon, and it's possible that we will see Ackles once again, given that the showrunners decided not to kill his character off.

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