Jerry Bruckheimer Reveals The Future Of 'Top Gun' Franchise

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With Tom Cruise's latest film outperforming at the box office and receiving great reviews from fans and critics alike, all eyes are turned to a possible threequel.

The long-delayed sequel to the 1986 film finally came out last week, and Cruise's return, along with newcomers Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly and Glenn Powell, really delighted fans of the original. Insanely orchestrated flight sequences, top-notch acting, and a carefully crafted and emotional script made 'Maverick' a summer blockbuster that audiences couldn't wait to see for the last couple of years. So, will Jerry Bruckheimer and Paramount decide to build on their success with a possible third installment of the pilot saga?

Tom Cruise is definitely not getting any younger, even though his stunts prove otherwise, so a possible 'Top Gun 3' should start filming pretty soon to get its main star in the right shape for the shoot. Or a possible sequel could focus on a different character, sidelining Cruise. There are many possibilities, but Bruckheimer won't discuss them with fans and the press just yet.

"Let's ride this wave," Bruckheimer said to Deadline addressing the plans for a possible continuation.

Fans definitely don't mind the producer taking his time, noting that the recently released film is powerful enough to serve as a perfect story ending.

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