John Cena To Star In A Buddy Cop Movie for Amazon

John Cena To Star In A Buddy Cop Movie for Amazon
Image credit: Legion-Media

Professional WWE wrestler turned Hollywood superstar John Cena to take his next project to Amazon Prime. Buddy cop action-comedy 'Officer Exchange' has reportedly been acquired by the streaming giant, and development is about to start.

The film will center on "a wrecking ball of a cop", tasked with bringing down an illegal diamond smuggling ring. Looks like Cena's fans are in for the new fix of stunts, races and dirty jokes.

John Cena rose to fame thanks to films with similar premise – a tough masculine man doing some self-aware humor. Public likes it, so Amazon's decision to finance his latest production is an understandable one. Especially after the great 2021, which saw Cena starring in the 'The Suicide Squad' as Peacemaker, receiving rave reviews for his turn as an antihero.

With 'Officer Exchange', 'Peacemaker' season 2 and 'Coyote vs. Acme' (Warner Bro's latest attempt at live-action and animation hybrid) in the works, looks like John Cena is set on continuing his winning streak.