Johnny Depp Owes His Entire Career To Nicolas Cage, Live With It  

Johnny Depp Owes His Entire Career To Nicolas Cage, Live With It  
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Meeting Nicolas Cage was a turning point in Johnny Depp’s life.

Have you ever wondered how Johnny Depp, our beloved Captain Jack Sparrow, found his way into the glitzy world of Hollywood? The answer lies with another cinematic legend — Nicolas Cage.

Before the bright lights of Hollywood beckoned, Johnny Depp was deeply immersed in the music scene of Florida, passionately playing with his garage band, The Kids. But as life's unpredictable twists go, the band split in the early '80s.

A somewhat adrift Depp landed in Los Angeles, where a chance introduction to Nicolas Cage by his then-wife, Lori Anne Allison, set the stage for a lifelong friendship. And who would've thought that their bond was cemented over a simple game of Monopoly, as Cage revealed on Heart FM (per PAPER Magazine).

During one of their casual hangouts, Cage, who was on the brink of Hollywood stardom, saw something in Depp. He believed that Depp had an innate talent for acting. Taking his advice to heart, Depp met with Cage's agent, Eileen Feldman. And in a whirlwind turn of events, he found himself auditioning the very next day.

His first foray into acting was the role in Wes Craven's spine-chilling horror classic, Nightmare on Elm Street. And here's a fun tidbit: the final decision to cast Depp came down to Craven's teenage daughter.

She was torn between two actors for the role of Glen and ultimately chose Depp. This decision catapulted him into the limelight, setting the stage for a glittering career.

The camaraderie between Depp and Cage wasn't just limited to their initial meeting. Their bond grew stronger with time, fortified by mutual respect and admiration.

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When Cage found himself in a financial quagmire in 2009, Depp, ever the loyal friend, stepped in, offering to lend a helping hand. While Cage graciously declined, it showcased their friendship. Plus, Depp probably felt that he somewhat owed it to Cage even though the actor doesn’t take credit for Depp’s success.

Even though Depp proved that he is a great actor with his future roles, it was the guiding hand of Nicolas Cage who started it all.

Source: PAPER