Johnny Depp’s Big Screen Comeback Is Less Than a Month Away: ‘I Didn’t Go Anywhere’

Johnny Depp’s Big Screen Comeback Is Less Than a Month Away: ‘I Didn’t Go Anywhere’
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The stakes are higher than ever.


  • After the actor's defamation trial that took place in 2022, Johnny Depp was keeping a relatively low profile.
  • However, he continued acting, premiering his new historical movie Jeanne du Barry during the 2023 Cannes Festival.
  • Now the film is ready to premiere in selected theaters in Canada and the U.S., marking the actor’s official comeback to big screens.

One of the most intriguing movie events this spring is the theatrical release of Jeanne du Barry on the big screens in the U.S. and Canada. The French-language film premiered in Cannes back in 2023, but now the period drama is ready to hit the big screens and reach a wider audience.

The story of the illegitimate daughter of a simple seamstress who used her intelligence and sexuality to rise through the ranks of high society is an interesting historical piece in its own right, but it's Johnny Depp's first comeback after his scandalous divorce from Amber Heard that's really bringing the film so much attention.

Is Johnny Depp Still Acting?

Johnny Depp’s Big Screen Comeback Is Less Than a Month Away: ‘I Didn’t Go Anywhere’ - image 1

The actor himself isn’t too fond of the word ‘comeback’ that we use to describe his role. Speaking at a press conference for Jeanne du Barry during the 2023 Cannes Festival, Depp shared his perspective on his position in the industry:

“I keep wondering about the word 'comeback' because I didn't go anywhere. <...> I've been sitting around, so comeback…? It's almost like I'm going to come out and do a tap dance or some kind of spectacular feat on the table and dance my best for you guys, and hope that you will approve,” the actor said.

No matter what you call it, Depp's performance in Jeanne du Barry may now define the rest of his acting career. After all the controversies and scandals surrounding his name for the past few years, his talent will either outshine everything else or simply not be enough to make audiences forget what they've heard and accept him back.

Unfortunately, the reviews the film has already received from critics at its festival premiere don't paint a very hopeful picture. With an approval rating of 49% on Rotten Tomatoes, Jeanne du Barry seems to be severely let down by the quality of its script.

Although there is still a chance for the actress to charm the audience even through the bland scenes and emotionless dialog, the attempts may end in failure.

However, if you're a fan of Depp and aren't ready to give up on him so easily, make sure you get your tickets for Jeanne du Barry, which opens in the U.S. on May 2.

Source: Johnny Depp via Entertainment Weekly