'Joker 2' Is Rumored To Be The Most Violent Hollywood Film Ever

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It looks like Todd Phillips is trying to shock audiences once again, as his rumored script is sure to leave many fans furious.

First 'Joker' proved that comic book adaptations don't need crazy theatrics and tons of CGI to be successful, because this quite chamber drama was able to raise an incredible amount of money and fan love upon release. And now Warner Bros. has given the green light to a sequel to the story, in which both Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix will return to the action. Lady Gaga is also rumored to play the role of the Joker's love interest in the film, who is as crazy and violent as he is.

Since 'Joker 2' is so highly anticipated, it's no surprise that insiders have already managed to get a peek at the finished script of the film, sharing their findings on the World of Reel website. According to the leak, the upcoming film will feature an unprecedented level of violence: rape ending in death, severe mutilation and even castration, all of which the Joker and his girlfriend will commit on innocent people. It looks like a PG-13 is not even an option.

Fans of the original are rightly concerned about this sudden revelation, fearing that Warner Bros. will not allow Phillips to film something like this. And in the end, it seems that people just don't want to see Phoenix commit such vile acts on screen.

"Lol no. Idk the source but that doesn't matter really. WB saw this franchise has billion dollar potential. They aren't going to make a movie like this. Even if this is what the script is right now, which i doubt (but who knows, Todd Philips is weird) it's not going to come out like this." – /ttwwaatt.

Others are already accusing insiders of spreading a fake leak, recalling how the original film's leaks turned out to be false after its release.

"This sounds horrible. Very much like the "plot leaks" of the original Joker. Like remember when leaks of that movie made their way on this site? It was super edgy and dark. And then when the movie came out it wasn't even super edgelord. I for one thought Joker was quite tame. So I doubt the sequel will venture too off the deep end. It'll be fine. This is just more fanfiction." – /winggundam001.

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