'Joker 2' Leak: Lady Gaga's Character Is More Surprising Than Expected

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As the Todd Phillips film is close to production, it is inevitable that the script will be seen by some insiders willing to share its contents with a wider audience.

The first 'Joker' was a huge hit on all fronts: audiences praised Joaquin Phoenix's superb performance in the title role and original approach to the famous villain, while critics raved about the cinematic references and the deep meaning of this modern fable. Despite all this, Warner Bros. was in no hurry to give the sequel the green light, waiting for Phillips and Phoenix's approval. But when the movie was announced a couple of weeks ago, the internet went crazy, especially after Lady Gaga was rumored to play the female lead, Harley Queen herself.

However, after Word of Reel shared a huge leak about the movie's script, people were quite surprised – Gaga will not play Harley Quinn, but will embody the original character, created by Phillips from scratch. Despite this, Gaga's character will be as deranged as Harley Quinn and will help the Joker kill and torture innocent people. Still, fans continue to believe that even if Gaga doesn't play the iconic villain, her character will be as close to her image as possible.

"To be fair the source may assume that Harley Quinn wouldn't be changed so much in an adaption so assumes it's a different character. Even though it's pretty clearly Todd's interpretation of Harley Quinn." – /Sad-Distribution-779.

In addition, the leak reports that the script for the upcoming movie is rumored to include extreme levels of violence, including rape, mutilation and even castration. Fans are rightly perplexed by this information, either calling the leak a fabrication or fearing that Warner Bros. will pull out of filming altogether.

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