Joseph Quinn Flirts With the Idea of Eddie's Possible Return

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Don't give us hope.

If you are a part of the large group of people that mourn the death of Eddie Munson in 'Stranger Things 4' and want him back, then there is somebody who understands you, and it's Joseph Quinn.

Yes, the actor behind the role of the charismatic Hellfire Club leader seems to be on board for his character to make his way back to the show, and he has already given it a think.

"Me and Joe Keery (Steve Harrington) were discussing ways in which I could kind of...maybe I'd be like a figment of Gaten's imagination or something," he said. "Like if there could be some kind of room for something like that, something a bit supernatural," Quinn told Radio Times.

As much as we love the idea of Eddie's friendly ghost always being by Dustin Henderson's side, it seems unlikely that the Duffer brothers will implement it. Even Quinn seems to understand it, adding that "Eddie has done what he needed to do for the [Duffer] brothers."

But Quinn appears to echo the sentiment voiced by many fans after they witnessed his heroic death in Volume 2: it would be nice for Eddie to at least have his name cleared. After all, it seems that pretty much everyone in Hawkins still believes that Eddie was the culprit behind the "ritual murders", as the authorities put it when they describe Vecna's attacks on kids.

"I think it would be nice for him to kind of have his name cleared. I think that would be satisfying for the audience," Quinn said. "But as I said, I'm not allowed in the writers' room, so we'll see what the grown-ups think."

'Stranger Things 4' is currently streaming on Netflix, with the shooting of season 5 to begin next year.

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