Kang Isn't As Weak As You Might Have Thought After His 'Dumb' Defeat in Quantumania

Kang Isn't As Weak As You Might Have Thought After His 'Dumb' Defeat in Quantumania
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Was Kang truly defeated by ants?

The majority Marvel fans were disappointed after watching Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, to say the least. It was set to introduce Kang the Conqueror as the ultimate villain of the whole Multiverse Saga, but in the movie, he was defeated by ants, and as a result, Kang didn’t convince the viewers.

However, some fans believe that it’s not quite fair to say that Kang was “defeated by ants.” A Reddit user made a post about it, and they've got some pretty good reasons explaining why Kang ended up on the losing side of that brawl.

First off, we've got to remember that Kang was super sure of himself. Maybe too sure. He's seen countless timelines, conquered worlds, and even merged realities. When you're on that power trip, it's possible to overlook the tiny things. It wasn't necessarily the ants that defeated Kang, but rather his arrogance.

Kang is from the future, but that doesn't mean he knows everything about the past. We've seen time and again that Ant-Man's tactics, while unorthodox, can be incredibly effective. Never underestimate the little guy.

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And let’s just not forget that Kang wasn't just swarmed by average backyard ants. He was facing off against a whole army of intelligent creatures that have been around for over a millennium. Plus, these weren't just tiny critters.

Another factor is that MODOK (whose betrayal Kang couldn't have considered) temporarily messed with Kang's forcefield. This brief interference made Kang vulnerable, allowing the army to whisk him away and mess up his suit.

Even after all that, Kang wasn't down for the count. His suit might've been in tatters, but he still managed to stop Scott from entering a portal and even gave him a good thrashing.

So, when people say Kang was "beaten by ants," it's a bit of an oversimplification. Some think Quantumania was a letdown, and therefore, Kang's portrayal was weak. Others might not have liked Kang's character or how he was defeated. But boiling it down to "he was defeated by ants" is a tad unfair.

Source: Reddit