Kat Dennings Reacts to 'Moon Knight', And Fans Want 'WandaVision' Crossover Now

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You surely remember that fun nerd Darcy Lewis from 'Thor' and 'WandaVision'. She's portrayed by Kat Dennings, and the actress is just as much of a Marvel TV series fan as we all are.

Kat Dennings took to Twitter to share her emotions about 'Moon Knight' earlier in the week, revealing that she is actually "messed up" after the show.

"I loved @moonknight so much I dreamed about it, which is actually pretty messed up," she tweeted.

First of all – Kat, we've all been there. Secondly… fans are really craving a crossover now.

Did you too imagine Darcy and Agent Woo watching new episodes of 'Moon Knight' every Wednesday?

And by the way, all those watching 'Moon Knight' know where dreams could lead you.

Now that Marvel has clearly established that pretty much everything is possible within MCU, given the multiverse, it seems that Dennings has planted the seeds of 'WandaVision' and 'Moon Knight' crossover into fans' heads.

The possibility of it is even higher if you think about how Moon Knight is not quite aligned with the MCU as of now, so ultimately all roads are open.

Anyway, the only thing we're left to do is live for the Wednesdays on Disney Plus to check out new episodes of 'Moon Knight' until the finale that is scheduled for May 4.

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