Kevin Costner’s Truth About Yellowstone: ‘I Took a Beating from Those F*cking Guys’

Kevin Costner’s Truth About Yellowstone: ‘I Took a Beating from Those F*cking Guys’
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Over a year later, Kevin Costner shares his side of the Yellowstone drama — and it’s very different from what we’ve been getting from the other side of the conflict.


  • Recently, Kevin Costner finally addressed the Yellowstone drama and shared his side of the story.
  • According to the actor, he fulfilled his contractual obligations and never put Horizon above Yellowstone.
  • Costner is frustrated with Sheridan not sticking up for him amid the backlash but is willing to work with him again.

As one of the biggest TV show sensations, Yellowstone took a serious hit when its lead star Kevin Costner left. For over a year, we were led to believe that Costner stepped over his contract and put his upcoming Horizon movies over the hit series — but now, the Western star shares his side of the story… And it’s wildly different from what we’ve been getting from the other side all these months.

Costner Didn’t Drop Yellowstone for Horizon

Recently, Kevin Costner sat down with Deadline at the Cannes Film Festival and talked about Horizon and Yellowstone. For the first time in many months, the actor commented on the drama surrounding his hit series, and according to him, he didn’t deserve the backlash he’d got. Costner didn’t sacrifice Yellowstone at any point.

“I fit [Horizon] into the [Yellowstone production] gaps. They just kept moving their gaps. <...> I have taken a beating from those f*cking guys and I know a lot of times where it’s coming from. <...> I did not initiate any of those things. They did. They were doing a tap dance, and this poor guy was also having to write so much. And I don’t know why they didn’t stick up for me,” Costner revealed in the new interview.

Costner Felt Betrayed Amid the Backlash

What Kevin Costner shared doesn’t really fit with the whole “lead star dropped Yellowstone for his own project” narrative, does it? But that wasn’t what pissed the actor off; what did was how neither Taylor Sheridan nor any of his colleagues came to his defense amid the fan backlash, allowing him to take all the blame alone.

“They were silent and that bothered me in the world of how you do things. Why don’t you stick up for me? I went and sold this thing for you. I was going to only do one season. I made it for three. I fulfilled three. <...> They wanted to do three more. So, I made the contract to do that. They imploded,” the former Yellowstone star explained.

From Costner’s point of view, the situation looks much uglier from what we’ve been previously led to believe — but despite being frustrated by his former colleagues’ behavior, the actor is willing to return. That’s kind of weird and doesn’t click with his revelations… So what are we thinking: a heart of gold or guilty conscience?

Why is Costner ready to forgive Sheridan?

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