Kristen Stewart's Acting is to Blame for Twilight Movies Biggest Fail

Kristen Stewart's Acting is to Blame for Twilight Movies Biggest Fail
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If you hate Bella Swan for her eternal poker face, that just might be the movies' fault.

Those who hate the Twilight movies usually have a popular reason: the main character, Bella, is completely emotionless and therefore almost impossible to relate to.

Such people usually haven't read the books, which doesn't help them to get a fair picture of Bella's vivid personality, who was actually much better a character in the books, according to fans.

"I mean she wasn't outgoing in the books, but she was very passionate. She had a lot more jokes in the books too," Redditor roseifyoudidntknow noted.

In the movies, however, Kristen Stewart is often seen with a poker face, which has created the impression among Twilight viewers that Bella is actually not very capable of showing different emotions. This has inspired tons of jokes and memes, which are funny enough unless you are a dedicated fan of the Twilight books written by Stephanie Meyer.

That doesn't change the fact that casting Kristen Stewart as Bella was perhaps the Twilight producers' biggest failure, as the actress, despite her obvious talent, was unable to convincingly portray the character on screen.

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Aside from Stewart's questionable acting, fans also regret that the movies did not include several important scenes from the books that helped develop the dynamic between Bella and Edward. One such scene, fans say, is when Bella gets sick at the sight of blood in biology class and Edward has to help her when she passes out.

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It's hard to please everyone when adapting a book for the screen, and adaptations rarely escape waves of criticism from original fans. Still, the Twilight film saga has become something of a cultural phenomenon, even if many people are still highly skeptical... but not skeptical enough not to "ironically" re-watch it every autumn.