Iconic Twilight's Baseball Scene Is Just One Supermassive Plot Hole

Iconic Twilight's Baseball Scene Is Just One Supermassive Plot Hole
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Sorry if you've just automatically started humming Supermassive Black Hole.

Even if you have never seen a Twilight movie, you are probably familiar with the legendary baseball scene from the first film. The Cullen family tradition has it that the vampire clan gathers to play baseball during a thunderstorm - although we have only seen them do it once over the course of the movie saga.

In the first movie, the game takes place shortly after Edward and Bella meet. However, it is quickly interrupted when the three rival vampires, led by Victoria, arrive and smell Bella's human scent.

This is where things get weird. According to fans, Edward, who has a special ability to read other people's minds, could have quickly analyzed the situation and used his vampiric speed to get Bella away from the scene.

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Instead, he just stood there while the Cullen family tried in vain to cover Bella's scent.

"They didn't smell her until a few minutes later when she was literally standing right there so it wouldn't have even mattered if they smelled her leaving... :[They] probably would've assumed it was the scent of someone who recently walked around there," Redditor claudiamarie420 said.

Other fans argued that the vampires would just smell Bella and start hunting her. Stephanie Meyer's Midnight Sun (which is basically the first book told from Edward's perspective) implies that Edward realized it was too late to run anyway.

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The baseball scene is not the only strange thing about The Twilight Saga. A lot of things in the series don't really make sense, according to fans: from the fact that it would be a challenge for Bella to kiss Edward (who is literally cold as ice) to the werewolves' clothes magically reappearing on them so they don't have to stand there awkwardly naked after being turned back into humans.