Leaked The Flash Toys Have Fans Wishing The Movie Never Existed

Leaked The Flash Toys Have Fans Wishing The Movie Never Existed
Image credit: globallookpress

As if there weren't enough things undermining the movie already.

Being a Flash fan is hard enough these days, but it just got harder when several images of what appear to be leaked Flash toys hit social media.

Despite the fact that the movie is set to premiere in June 2023, the toys appear to be on sale now, according to social media reports. However, the look of these toys is so creepy and disturbing that fans are already wishing the movie never existed.

The fact that fans got "this" instead of the canceled Batgirl or Supergirl movie has sparked anger online, with many people deciding for themselves not to see the movie.

Some users, however, are urging others not to judge the unreleased movie based on poor-quality pictures of toys. Still, the fact that people have virtually nothing else to base their judgment on is also something that irks the fandom.

"On the other hand The Flash movie constantly being slandered is WB's fault for not releasing any official images yet and allowing [people] to form opinions around toys and leaked promo images," Twitter user GrayHarden77 noted.

It's not like bizarre toys are the only problem with the upcoming Flash movie. Its star, Ezra Miller, has been embroiled in controversy over allegations of grooming, abuse, and even kidnapping. The actor has vowed to seek help with their mental health, but is still subject to vivid public criticism.

However, Warner Bros. has not canceled the film despite many calls to do so. The Flash will premiere on June 16, 2023.