List of Actors Eyed By Francis Ford Coppola For His Epic 'Megalopolis'

List of Actors Eyed By Francis Ford Coppola For His Epic 'Megalopolis'
Image credit: Legion-Media

The legendary director, who created 'The Godfather' and 'Apocalypse Now', is preparing for his next major project called 'Megalopolis'. Details about the plot have not yet been disclosed, but we already know what actors Coppola is considering for the filming.

Coppola, of course, is a true Hollywood royalty, with many successful productions under his belt and even more friends in the industry. So buckle up and prepare for some pretty juicy cast. Here are the actors Coppola wants to star in 'Megalopolis':

Oscar Isaac

Let's start with the casting misfire – Coppola was considering Isaac to lead his film, but apparently 'Moon Knight ' star decided to turn down the offer. It is unusual for a director of this level to get a hard "no" from an actor, but perhaps the reason for all this lies in Isaac's busy production schedule.

Christian Bale

Coppola certainly aims for the best – looks like he is trying to lure the great Bale to headline instead of Isaac. It certainly sounds like a dream come true, but Bale is yet to respond to this generous offer.


The model turned actor is certainly killing it – Coppola's interest in the young actress' performances proves once again that Zendaya has what it takes to become a true film legend.

James Caan

The great Hollywood actor, famous for his turns in 'Thief', 'Gardens of Stone' and 'Misery', is Coppola's longtime friend and collaborator. His inclusion to the proposed cast serves as a reminder that great old actors are usually not cast in current films, due to their unfamiliarity to the modern audiences, and that's really a shame.

Jon Voight

Another Hollywood old-timer Voight is rumored to be a part of upcoming film. Angelina Jolie's dad and a huge star in 1970's was recently seen in Showtime 's 'Ray Donovan', earning great reviews and multiple awards.

Michelle Pfeiffer

90's megastar is in the midst of a career Renaissance. Embracing her older looks and tirelessly working on bunch of new projects each year, Pfeiffer is more than ready to shine in 'Megalopolis'.

Nicolas Cage

Coppola's nephew and a Hollywood legend himself, Nicolas Cage is certainly having nothing else to prove. The actor changed his last name so that his success would not be associated with his uncle's connections. Recently, Cage teased his potential small role in the upcoming Coppola's film, which would certainly be a pleasant surprise for the fans of Coppola dynasty.

Of course, the actors above were just wishlisted by Coppola, with no confirmations just yet. Coppola eyes a shoot starting in September 2022, so more casting news is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.